Catching Up with the Blog


Hi all me again,

I have been woefully negligent in keeping up with this Blog / on line diary. Three basic reasons for it. 1 I’m not so egotistical that I think every day of my life is worth recording and releasing to the public. 2 sometimes you are just too busy living life to write about it. 3 Plain laziness on my part. While 1 and 2 are valid I really need to work on number 3. So here go the highlights. Went back home to Illinois for a funeral in the Family my Sister in law. Couldn’t stay as long as we originally intended, as we had to get back for another funeral on the wife’s side of the family. Now as some may already know I live in a Mobile home park. When I first got here to marry my wife we put an addition on her trailer to hold my stuff. We are 1 of those Internet romances that actually worked out. 14 years now and still going strong. It was originally supposed to be my man cave /guy space but that didn’t last long enough for me to install the carpet. We called it the Unreality Lab. But bit by bit both her and my stepdaughter moved stuff in on me to the point that we really needed more space to be effective. I had thought of getting or building another outbuilding like I did with my workshop but the cost was prohibitive. But then the trailer next to us came up for sale at a ridiculously low price. Way cheaper than the bare minimum outbuilding was priced at so I bought it free and clear in my name. So I moved all my stuff over to it and now have a new way better equipped Unreality Lab complete with kitchen bathroom and Laundry facilities in addition to way more space. Now in addition to way more space than I need we will have a place for guests that stay overnight. My wife and stepdaughter are turning the old location into a craft room. I gave them spare keys to the new lab. Any married man who reads this will know why.

John AKA Superman

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