Back in the saddle again

Well shortly after getting back from visiting the Grandkids I ended up in the Hospital. Picked up something called E-Coli that got into my blood stream and tore me a new one. It threw me so far out of whack that my heart went into what’s called A Fib. After several trips to the Hospital and several more to Doctors they finally took me in today knocked me out and shocked me back into sinus rhythm. Feeling much better now though I’m still weak from all the BS that went before. On the upside while I was sick I got a new lap top to add to my computer arsenal. It Runs Windows 8 but with help from Ray Young It still looks like XP so I don’t have such a learning curve. I’d have written in here before this but I hate to be 1 of those old guys who is always complaining about their ailments.


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