Group Meeting 24 November 2012

Well we had a good meeting today and quite a few things got sorted out and put in motion. I told some of the new folks that showed up about getting Spykee and what all we could do once we reverse engineer it. We also covered Blogs and I added Dreamscapes Blog to the Blog link page on the site. Then when I tried to get into my own Blog imagine my surprise when the thing wouldn’t come up. It wasn’t any of the code I did on the lab site it was the Blog site I was using. It’s the 3rd time in a week it has been down and that’s just unacceptable to me. I can’t stand links that don’t work or go to a blank or tacky under construction page. One of my pet peeves. Well checking out the Blog service Dreamscape was using I found that it not only loads up well but even the free version was customizable to an extent. So I went in signed up and made my self 1 there with all the free bells and whistles. I redid some artwork from the lab to decorate it and I think it blends in pretty good. Guess I owe you 1dream. Turns out the other Blog service going down was a blessing in disguise as I like this 1 much better. Going to use this1 from now on.


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