Starting my own personal operation Santa Claus

Well today the last of the supplies the wife and I had ordered on line showed up today for my annual Santa Claus outing(s). Soon Candy Canes will be out at about a dollar a box too if you know where to look and I’ll stock up on those as well. Then I’ll be set up for my annual hospital visits and any other Santa gigs that pop up in my area. For those who may need one I maintain a Santa Web Site called The North Pole Toy Shoppe at It’s totally kid safe and user friendly and no links leading to things a small child shouldn’t see. On that site Santa is real and it is his web site. If a little child sends an e mail to Santa there they are guaranteed 1 in return. If they call Santa on the phone listed there and he doesn’t answer on the spot leave a number and he will call back. I have been doing this for close to 40 years now and have worked out all the kinks. It’s one of the ways I celebrate Christmas.

John D Koen AKA Superman

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